What is a therapeutic conversation?

According to me this is a conversation where attention is focussed on “something” that keeps your mind occupied, something that is holding you back, a conversation that gives you an opening to go on. It may be very personal but it can also be of a more theoretical or Spiritual nature. It all depends on your need.

Why is it necessary to have a conversation like that?

Sometimes it is not possible or not enough to speak with a good friend or with family. It can also be possible that you are looking for a sparring partner with life experience and knowledge of Spirituality.

How does an interview work?

I am a good listener, have learnt to ask relevant questions, am able to analyse problems and interests and can approach subjects from different angles.
The interview can be about your shyness, the future of mankind, your hidden desires, your feeling of “is this all”, your dominant upbringing, etc.
Every subject to do with Spirituality can be discussed.

What can I expect from a therapeutic conversation?

I am not tied to a doctrine and will not give my personal vision. If necessary I shall bring forward my own ideas and experiences, but I will not tell you what job to take, what party to vote for or what is the best religion for you. I do not tell the future. I can help you, supported by my mediumship to formulate your own presumptions, to track down the source of your uncertainty and to look for new possibilities.
Most important of all is that you find your own solution and are able to find life’s direction.

What can be expected from a conversation during the last stages of life?

If you know, that the end of your life is near it is very important to guard the quality of life. Thoughts that you would like to share with a neutral person, someone who is listening attentively and not emotional, may surface.
It may be very helpful to have someone near who can help you to get insight in questions you don’t know how to handle.

A good conversation can be very soothing (relaxing) as well for the patienn as for the family.