Skype / Telephone Consultation with medium Juliet van ‘t Hul-Moll

Why would you opt for consultation by phone or Skype?

Online consultations via Skype or by phone are becoming increasingly popular. This is one of the benefits of the era we live in.

You can choose the therapist you like no matter where they live, even thousands of miles away, from the comfort of your own home. This method of working can be applied very well for an energy healing or a therapeutical consultation. A private reading can be done very well this way.

To make an appointment you can fill in the contact form and send it to me. I will then contact you to make an appointment.

How do you pay for this type of consultation?

You have to pay through Paypal or your bank account in advance, the amount of € 40,- (for a consultation of half an hour) or €60,- (for a consultation of 45 minutes).