Reflexology in Den Hoorn (near Delft)

Reflexology is valuable in locating high stress or tension areas in the body. Natural balance and revitalization can be obtained through reflexology.

This therapy, a wonderful form of natural healing, is founded on the basis that areas of the feet, hands and ears are comprised of zones and reflex areas (which correspond to all glands, organs, and bodily systems). Reflexology schools instruct a therapeutic technique where pressure is applied to these reflex areas. Through training the therapist is taught to reduce stress by using thumb, finger and hand methods. Reflexology can create physiological improvements within the body.

When to go to a reflexologist?

  • When you have physical complaints like for instance in skin, respiratory tracts, circulation problems, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, joints a.o.
  • When you have psychological complaints like stress, sleeping problems, depression, burn-out
  • When you have vague complaints
  • When you have overactive or hypersensitive children
  • Pregnant women
  • Women in menopause
  • Note: reflexology is not compensated by the health insurance companies because I am a member of a professional organization specialized in paranormal therapy.