Healing is a very ancient and traditional way of treating people with very different complaints.

Through highly developed sensitivity and conversations I can perceive information on your situation. The traditional way of healing is revitalizing and harmonizing you by touching your energy field or specific places of your body.

When working I am completely tuned in to the perfect harmonious energy of the cosmos and can guide this through you.

(Magnetic) healing

When speaking about healing I mean Spiritual healing. During the last few years there has been a change in my approach toward my clients, greatly influenced by the conviction of Spirituality in my life. I have observed how during attunement to Spirit before working the energy that is generated not only increases, but is formed and applied to the needs of the person I am working for. It has been most interesting for me to observe how all the techniques that I have learnt during my studies, are somehow used. The concept, that energy is/has an intelligence does have meaning for me. I used to speak of my treatment as “magnetic healing”, because that is the way I have been taught. I have realized that for me there is a very thin line between spiritual and magnetic healing.

Speaking of sickness is speaking of the energy system being out of balance, whether it is in man, animal or plant.

When can we use healing?

As mentioned before all therapy in my practice is aimed:

  • To cure – meant to help restore balance
  • To prevent – meant to help prevent being off balance
  • To ease – meant to help you to ease the situation you are in.