How do I work?

Symptoms and their causes are unique to each person and it is therefore impossible to say how many treatment sessions you will need. However, unlike other forms of therapy and counselling, which often take months or years to take effect, the therapy I offer often produces rapid results. After the intake session I discuss with you the possibilities.

The different therapies that I can apply are described in the treatments and rates.

Most clients find that on average they need between one and six sessions. In the initial consultation a set number of sessions can be agreed on or you might prefer the number of sessions open ended. Each session will include a few minutes to review progress and discuss what to focus on next.

Note: if it is difficult for you to come to my practice we can make an appointment for consultation by phone or Skype. If you fill in the contactform, I’ll contact you to set a time and you can pay in advance through Paypal or your bank .