The name Foetoe Jepi

Foetoe jepi is a combination of two words from the language of my home country, Suriname (South America).

Meaning of the name

  • Foetoe – means feet. Those beautiful feet, that carry you through life. Those feet, that have to carry your weight during a lifetime and are too often neglected and not taken enough care of. (Have you ever realized that each foot contains 26 bones and that the heel of each foot carries most of your weight and that the pressure on your feet is more than you weigh?) “Feet are the foundation of your body”; “Your feet can help you to move better through life, physically as well as mentally”. The description of reflexology will tell you more about this therapy.
  • Jepi – means “helping” or “to help”.

At the time, I thought Foetoe Jepi sounded like a wonderful description of how I was working. Today, feet are no longer my sole concern. As you can see under “Treatment and rates”, my field of expertise has become wider. Still, the memory of those early days lingers on…