My name is Juliet Joan van “t Hul-Moll.

In 1983 I heard about reflexology for the first time. One of my children was very successfully treated for migraine, after years of weekly suffering. I was so happy about that, I decided, if I had the opportunity, to become a reflexologist.

When we moved to the Netherlands a few years later I realized my intention. It turned out that other techniques were equally important to my view of being a therapist and I decided to go on studying. I invite you to have a look at the rest of my website for further information on the directions in which I extended my learning. I have developed my own way of working, a mix of everything that I have learned, inspired by my intuition.

In 1992 I finished a study reflexology succesfully. Afterwards I studied and trained for some other specialisms. I have also become a healer and taught at a school for energy education. From 2008 I am deepening my awareness in mediumship.

While studying I became fascinated by the concept of “anima mundi” (worldsoul). It was only logical that my thesis should be on that subject. For some years now I have been studying shamanism, in particular the teachings of the Inca path, as taught by Elizabeth Jenkins, a North American psychotherapist. To me this means integrating those teachings in my work.

In the meantime my practice that began as a practice for reflexology has developed into a practice for natural health specialized in Paranormal therapy.

To further develop my mediumship I have been going to England on a regular basis from 2008. In June 2012 I became a DSNU, Diplomaholder of the Spiritualist National Union. In preparation I had to succesfully finish a number of theory courses, after which I could apply for the examination. In August 2014 I obtained my CSNUr, which means that I am a certificate holder of the above mentioned SNU in private readings.

In 2017 I obtained my CSNUs (Public Speaking) and CSNUh (Spiritual Healing)

Most important starting point in my practice is that everyone has to go their own way and has their own truth, in short .. they are allowed to be themselves.