Foetoe Jepi – Natural health, reflexology and Paranormal Therapy.

Welcome to my website. I am Juliet van ‘t Hul-Moll, therapist in Natural Health, specialized in paranormal therapy (spiritual healing and medium) and reflexology. The practice is situated in The Netherlands in Den Hoorn (Zuid-Holland) between Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. Further down this page you will find more information on the complaints that I treat and the services I can offer. In case of ¬†questions or a personal problem, do not hesitate to contact me. We can find out together if my skills can support, give insight or enlighten you in your personal situation.

Note: if it is difficult for you to come to my practice because of the distance, your mobility or lack of time, we can make an appointment for a Skype consultation or telephone consultation. After receiving the contactform, I’ll contact you.

Please take a look at my Blogpage, a page of thoughts, ideas and inspirational texts.

What do I have to offer in my practice of Natural Health?

My personal development has given me many insights and I do not hesitate to keep investigating and studying. In the meantime the practice has become multidisciplinary and is a good addition to regular health care.

You are also welcome if you need a listening ear or just for relaxation.

An overview of complaints that can be treated in my practice of Natural Health

For a first impression of what I have to offer in my practice of Natural Health I present a short overview of complaints and target clients I have treated on a regular basis:

Services I offer as a natural health therapist

For more information I invite you to look at the rest of the website or to download my Dutch folder here.